Abrakadoodle Art Camp

Kids on Canvas (Ages 9-12)

Abrakadoodle presents Kids on Canvas, a unique art program that teaches children ages 9 to 12 about painting on a variety of canvas surfaces with acrylics. Canvas paper, canvas board and stretched canvas will be used while exploring the versatile medium, acrylics. Master artists that will be introduced along with vocabulary and technique are Renoir, Mondrian, Laurel Burch, Jackson Pollock, Modigliani, Warhol, Sam Francis and Frank Stella. Each camp session will be different. 
Great Big Messy Art Camp II (Ages 3-5 & 9-12)

Back by popular demand and all new art! Oh, go ahead and make a mess! That’s what this camp is all about – messy art and creative imagination-expanding experiences! Everything we do is messy: new sticky spaghetti design sculptures, blowing paint through straws, paint that fizzes and POPS, new chocolate syrup paintings, and African mud portraits! These happy creative experiments spark our imaginations. So come mess with Abrakadoodle, winner of “the best art class to bring out your child’s inner Picasso!”
Once Upon a Time Art Camp (Ages 3-5)

Calling all princes and princesses!  Enter the enchanted kingdom of Abrakadoodle Land filled with castles, dragons, fairies and stories of magic and surprise! We’ll create our own royalty gear, design our own castles and sprinkle fairy dust to create colorful and whimsical art. We’ll learn about medieval life through the Book of Hours by the Limbourg Brothers and create fairies like the designs of Patience Brewster.  We’ll even make a royal Faberge Egg! You’ll get the regal treatment in a camp filled with music, games, wonder and enchantment!

Kids on the Runway (Ages 6-12)

Attention boys and girls: Join us for Abrakadoodle’s ultimate style camp. From Leonardo da Vinci to Louis Vuitton this is the place to create your own unique style inspired by the illustrators, designers and artists who focus on the world of high fashion and design! Create dresses or shirts that scream WOW!  Design cool accessories. Try out your creative ideas on sneakers or high heels! Get in the spotlight – and ready for the Ultimate Kids Runway Show featuring unique portfolio designs created by YOU!
Big Abrakadoodle Circus Art Camp (Ages 3-5, 6-12)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… welcome to the greatest camp on earth! The circus is coming to town, Abrakadoodle style! Stretch your creative muscles as you design out of this world costumes. Clown around with circus paintings and circus faces. Tame clever circus animal sculptures.  Swing along to create a balancing trapeze artist! Be the ringmaster of your own imagination at the Big Abrakadoodle Circus complete with carnival games, costumes, laughter, oohs and aahs and spectacular fun!

Artsy, Crafty, Wow Camp (Ages 3-5 & 6-12)

Make It and Take It 
Let’s get crafty! Join us for this DIY (Do It Yourself) Craft Camp where students explore cool, interesting crafts from around the world, develop new craft skills and get creative juices flowing! Each day is jam-packed with FUN activities like bowl making, weaving, and nature-inspired crafts. This make-it and take-it camp is a big “WOW” in the world of crafts.
Wild and Wacky Art (Ages 3-5 & 6-12)

Get silly! Get goofy! Get creative at Camp Abrakadoodle's Wild ‘n Wacky Art! Learn about a variety of artists in this camp while using exciting materials and techniques. Create spider webs and Picasso faces, paper weavings and water colors. Get Wild and Wacky and create some amazing crazy art!

Bug Me! Creepy Crawler’s Camp (Ages 3-5)

You are being bugged! This Creepy Crawler’s Art Camp is all about bugs, reptiles, nighttime adventures and the teeny tiny world of insects. We’ll paint bug habitats, sculpt mazes, and participate in creepy crawler races while learning about bug and reptile characteristics. Join Abrakadoodle, “the best art class to bring out your child’s inner Picasso” for this buggy camp filled with insect art, mini-worlds and creative learning experiences! 

Mix, Mold and Matisse Art Camp (Ages 3-5)

The Letter M rules in this Abrakadoodle camp. We’ll Mix colors, explore pearl-like Mediums and design special effects to create fun and shimmering art. We’llMold Modeling compounds and Make butterflies and other insects. We’ll Make our own cutouts like Matisse.  We’ll learn the Mechanics of the art of Marbleizing and More! This Marvelous camp includes Music, Mind boggling games and Maximum fun!

Summer Surfing Art Camp (Ages 3-5)

Summer is the best time for catching rays and waves while having a summer blast of FUN!  This camp transports us to a virtual tropical paradise where we’ll create the perfect wave, design fish that may look a little like Uncle Harry, make and fly airplanes towing a message, create watercolor seascapes like artist Heather Brown and more.  We will be serenaded by beach music while we play seaside games and join in super summer adventures!  This salute to summer includes ten art and creativity projects along with a boatload of FUN by Abrakadoodle, winner of seven Nickelodeon Parent Picks awards for the “Best Art Classes to Inspire Your Child’s Inner Picasso.” Surf’s up!  Come and catch this summer wave!

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